Ellensburg Shopping

Depending on who you ask, Ellensburg is known for certain great shopping opportunities. Some may tell you it’s an antique hunter’s dream. Others come here to purchase jewelry made of the rare agate, the Ellensburg Blue, while many visit to shop at one of the oldest family-run furniture shops in the state.

Whoever you talk to, they’re all right. Ellensburg is filled, from one end of the city to the other, with shopping opportunities. Many of its retail shops are within walking distance in Ellensburg’s pedestrian-friendly downtown. There’s a number of antique shops to choose from that specialize in just about every era. The stores maintain such a huge variety, it’s easy to whittle away a few hours simply checking everything out. Several clothing shops have threads for just about every taste and age, from hip trends to truly Western styles and clothes for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast. Other shops sell hard-to-find stuff like top of the line skateboards, mountain bikes, fine wines, rare comic books, fine yarns, and scrapbooking supplies.

For those family members and friends that seem to have everything, Ellensburg’s a great place to gift hunt, with stores and art galleries that specialize in the unusual, from used and rare books to art supplies, stationary, pottery, holiday decorations, wines, microbrews and more. For a list of retail stores, click here


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