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A Guide to All Places Craft Beer, Local Wine, and Craft Cocktails in Ellensburg

Dark Moon Craft Beer
Dark Moon Craft Beer is a tap-house located in historic downtown Ellensburg that carries some of the most sought-after tastings & best beer selections in the Northwest. Varieties of hand-picked tap options make it easy for you to try edgy new flavors that reflect the current tastes in the ever-changing brewing industry.

Ellensburg Brewing Co. (Ellensburg Brewing & Malting Co.)
Dying to try a refreshing German beer? Ellensburg Brewing is located on Main St. in Ellensburg, and welcomes you with their flavor blasted options. Their craft beers, cider, and cocktails served alongside their mouth-watering German bar food makes for the perfect setting for an enjoyable night out.

Ellensburg Canyon Winery
Ellensburg Canyon Winery continues to serve the Ellensburg community with remarkable wines from the well known Cox Canyon Vineyards. Get a taste of some of the most highly sought award-winning wines grown locally to the state of Washington at the Ellensburg Canyon Winery. The history behind the wine is reflected in the rich tasting!

Gard Vintners
Gard Vintners is a family-owned and operated winery located in downtown Ellensburg and is widely known for its wonderfully aged wines that are grown locally on their Lawrence Vineyards Estate. Plan a visit to taste their award-winning wines and grab a bite of one of the many handcrafted artisan entrees they have to offer.

Iron Horse Brewery
The Iron Horse Brewery is a spunky and charismatic brewery that is never timid to serve the most unique and authentic tasting Irish and Indie-made beers. Don't miss out on trying Iron Horse Brewery's best selling ale, the "Irish Death".

The Mule
Take an evening for yourself and wind down with a refreshing cocktail or a signature Moscow Mule at The Mule. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff makes The Mule a common bar destination for many to gather and celebrate in Ellensburg. Their doors are always welcome to those looking for a new place to get together with friends!

The Pearl Bar & Grill
The Pearl Bar & Grill is one of the newer additions to downtown Ellensburg, and has made an impact through their well-crafted menu and wide variety of signature cocktails and spirits. Pair your craft cocktail with a culinary experience, and you're bound to have an enjoyable time at The Pearl Bar & Grill.

Pretty Fair Beer
Pretty Fair Beer serves unique selections of beer from exclusive breweries that are not commonly served elsewhere in Central Washington along with ciders, wine, kombucha, and a variety of finger foods. The comfort of the taproom along with knowledgeable staff will provide you with a pleasant experience, in addition to their widely crafted menu.

Thrall and Dodge Winery
The Thrall & Dodge Winery welcomes you into the beautiful acres of their family-owned wine vineyard to serve you some of the best-aged wines. This winery happens to be the oldest operating winery in Kittitas County and continues to produce premium wines that are made, cellared and bottled from the Columbia Valley AVA. Their well-aged and premium tasting wines will have you wanting to buy their wine bottles in bulk!

Wheel Line Cider
Looking to expand your cider palette? Wheel Line Cider has a small onsite orchard that produces all of the bittersweet, crisp, and refreshing tastes that you experience when you take your first sip of one of their ciders. Their wide cider varietals will give you the opportunity to find the taste that best suits your preference!

Whipsaw Brewing
Whipsaw Brewing is a small brewery located in the heart of downtown Ellensburg that consistently serves and caters to local craft beer lovers. Their small and intimate taproom accompanied by frequent live musicians makes this brewery a recurring destination for the majority.

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