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A Look at Ellensburg's Local Art Galleries & Museums

The people of Ellensburg value the history and heritage of spaces they live and move about today. Without local galleries and museums to display creative and historical pieces of art to bring generations together, Ellensburg would not be the same. Let us introduce you to a few of the local art galleries and museums that reflect the creative and growing legacy of Ellensburg:

420 Loft Gallery

The 420 Loft Gallery was created out of a historical downtown building that has now been restored and is used to provide unique pieces of art to the streets. 420 Loft Gallery provides contemporary art to the Ellensburg community, and showcases their pieces for all viewers to enjoy. The LOFT's official reopening date is set for August 1st, and they encourage you to be a part of their rapidly growing creative community!

Dick and Jane's Spot

Dick and Jane's Spot is a unique twist to art viewing because it isn't a gallery ' it is their home. This artistic family has provided a way for you to view art in a natural setting from the very sidewalk of their home. It can't get any more creative than that! From garden views to sea glass reflecting sculptures ' their property is a piece of art in itself. Dick and Jane's Spot is open for public viewing from outside their fence, and it is a must see!

Coming together to create the Western Art and Culture Center, the Goodey Gallery, the Clymer Museum and Gallery, and the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame hold records of Ellensburg's rich western history and heritage. These galleries offer a unique view of the culture and daily life of the cowboy through the eyes of artists past and present.

Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame

The Ellensburg Rodeo of Fame is a historical exhibit that was created to cultivate and celebrate the lasting history of the Ellensburg Rodeo. Members of the foundation work hard to maintain the traditions and heritage that encompass what the Ellensburg Rodeo represents. When you visit you will be able to view traditional regalia, admire heroes of the past, and learn about rodeo terminology that is still used to this day. The Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame opened their doors to the public on July 3rd, 2020 and now warmly welcomes you into their space to learn a few things about the history behind the Ellensburg Rodeo.

Hours may be altered at this time. Be sure to call prior to visiting to confirm hours.

The Clymer Museum and Gallery

Take a gaze at the intricate modern Western art that adorns the space of The Clymer Museum and Gallery. The museum was founded to honor the late John Clymer, a long time member of the existing Western Art Association. Members of this association found it fit to create an array of western art that would illustrate Cylmer's career, so they established the museum in the historical downtown of Ellensburg, Washington. This museum will surely take you through a time capsule of history.

Hours may be altered at this time, visit the The Clymer Museum and Gallery website at to learn more before you visit.

Western Art Association & Goodey Gallery

The Western Art Association (WAA) is a non-profit organization formed in 1972 that preserves and promotes the art and artists of Western America. The organization's dedicated board members have helped preserve the original goals of the WAA for years and have acted as helping hands in creating the Goodey Gallery. One of their biggest showcases, the 48th National Fine Art Show has been postponed for a later date; however, the WAA prepares to invite you to attend their gallery in the very near future.

Stay up to date with their projects and events coming up here:

Kittitas County Historical Museum

Kittitas County encompasses many of our beloved towns and holds history that traces back to the very foundations of Kittitas County. This special museum dedicated to preserving and displaying the history and heritage of Kittitas County stands to remind us of our county's humble beginnings. Whether you are a resident or visitor, the Kittitas County Historical Museum will have some new knowledge for you to take with you.

Gallery One

Gallery One is known for their diverse and engaging exhibitions, along with educational ceramic and art studios that create deeper conversations and connections through the power of art. Their gallery encourages and includes artists of all backgrounds to share their artwork and cultivates a creative community that all can take part in. Importantly, Gallery One's exhibits showcase many of the local and regional artists located right here in Ellensburg, Washington. Take a visit with hopes of being inspired to create!

Honorable Mention: Public Art

Here in Ellensburg, we are extremely fortunate to have this thriving art scene and rich town history. Even as you're out and about exploring the streets of our charming downtown, you're sure to stumble across some form of art everywhere you look, whether it's the window displays of the wonderful art galleries and museums mentioned previously or public art planted on street corners all around you. Embark on an art-filled adventure during your next visit and follow this Ellensburg Art Walk Guide to explore five of our favorite pieces of local art!

By highlighting our local art galleries and museums, we hope you set aside time to visit and learn more about what makes the community of Ellensburg special.

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