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Branding Guidelines

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Help Make #MyEllensburg Your Ellensburg

The Ellensburg Marketing campaign is in full swing with TV, radio, online and social media promoting visits to Ellensburg.

TV ads:

See current and past TV ads on MyEllensburg's YouTube channel

Connect with us on Social Media:

Stay up to date with all things Ellensburg by clicking the icons below and following us on all your favorite social media platforms:


#MyEllensburg is the hashtag used for all of our online campaigns.

#IMadeEllensburgMine can be used on your own social media posts to share how you've made Ellensburg yours!

Don't know what a hashtag is?

A hashtag is a fun way to create a trending statement and can even be a great way for your business to engage consumers. A hashtag can be a word or sequence of words with a pound sign preceding. Using the pound sign turns your phrase into a searchable link that allows someone to click on and see all things related to your hashtag on a social media platform.

Some people think that hashtags are just for Twitter, but hashtags are now supported by multiple social media platforms: Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr, and even Pinterest!

While you're online be sure to use our #MyEllensburg hashtag to share how you are making Ellensburg yours!

We appreciate you using the hashtag and tagline in a respectful manner that represents our city in the best way possible.

Branding Package

Ellensburg's specific fonts and logos are available to download for use when marketing Ellensburg. These come directly from our branding package.

Branding Statement

Ellensburg's Branding Statement is also for use when marketing our great city.

Are you a part of county reimbursement?
Don't lose out on money! Click here to download the lodging tax requirements.