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Fast Food

Sometimes fast food is all you're craving. Ellensburg offers a great variety; you're bound to find just the food you want!
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Fast Food in Ellensburg, WA


Wake up with a warm, home-cooked meal or stop by for a mid-day bite inside one of Ellensburg's cozy cafes.
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Cafés in Ellensburg, WA

Asian Cuisine

There's a great variety of authentic Asian dishes at locales around Central Washington with phenomenal flavors sure to please the taste buds.
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Asian Cuisine in Ellensburg, WA

Soups, Salads, & Sandwiches

Quick bites, piled-high handhelds and healthy-minded greens are served every day of the week at these dining destinations.
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Soups, Salads, & Sandwiches in Ellensburg, WA


What's your pizza preference? Ellensburg's pizzerias are tossing New York-style, pan-style and artisanal pies, complete with your favorite toppings.
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Pizza in Ellensburg, WA

Specialty Foods & Beverages

Find the unique, the local, and the one-of-a-kind. From homemade breads to barbecue, locally sourced produce to farm-fresh meats.
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Specialty Foods & Beverages in Ellensburg, WA

Bars, Pubs & Sports Bars

Need to unwind and catch up with friends after a long week? Say no more. We've got a great selection of places for you to do just that.
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Bars, Pubs & Sports Bars in Ellensburg, WA

Mexican Food

Side a plate of street tacos with a margarita on the rocks at one of Ellensburg's authentic Mexican restaurants.
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Mexican Food in Ellensburg, WA

Italian Food

When you get a craving for fine pastas and garlic bread, only the best Italian restaurants will do. Ellensburg has you covered!
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Italian Food in Ellensburg, WA

Coffee Houses

Kick start your morning by sipping your favorite caffeinated beverage. Swing by a drive thru while out and about, or relax inside a charming coffee shop.
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Coffee Houses in Ellensburg, WA

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, and froyo! Whether you're a chocolate or mint fan, we promise you'll find something to please the palate!
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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt in Ellensburg, WA

Wine Bar & Sales

Sip some of the region's finest and bring home a few favorites to add to your collection. There's no shortage of great wineries and tasting rooms in Ellensburg.
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Wine Bar & Sales in Ellensburg, WA


Planning an event? Or looking to feed a group? You can't go wrong with Ellensburg's catering options.
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Catering in Ellensburg, WA

Bakeries & Donuts

Ellensburg's darling bakeries are just as sweet as the cupcakes, macarons and no-bake cookies they sell; making a visit to any of their boutique bakeries a treat on so many levels.
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Bakeries & Donuts in Ellensburg, WA

Food Trucks

From tacos to grilled cheese, burgers to barbecue, and ice cream to artisan pizza, we have something to satisfy your tastebuds.
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