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Ellensburg Community Radio

Public Radio

Mollie Edson, board chair of Ellensburg Community Radio (ECR) tells about this station and what the group provides to their listeners. Offering a bit of something for everyone, ECR provides such variety that their motto is, "If you don't like what you're listening to, wait a minute!"

Ellensburg Community Radio has been streaming online since late October 2014, operating 24/7 with an eclectic mix of diverse music. Locally produced programs by community members are featured throughout the week with programming as "quirky, sophisticated and unique as our community".

Ellensburg Community Radio has its studio in the heart of downtown Ellensburg in the historic 420 Building. Passersby can hear ECR on the street in front of the building or in the comfort of their own home (or wherever they roam) online!

Keep up with Ellensburg Community Radio on Facebook, then visit them in person!

Ellensburg Community Radio
420 N Pearl St, Ellensburg, WA

More information or to download the free app, go to

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