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Wing Central's Roadhouse Grill

Award-Winning Wings, Steaks & Burgers

Bring your guests or family for a great experience and trust the staff at the locally-owned and operated Wing Central's Roadhouse with the rest!

Ron Moore, Executive Chef, says people in Ellensburg want to see something special -- and they do their best to deliver, because the people of this city, and travelers through it, are special to them!

Wing Central's Roadhouse Grill was opened in 2007 by Jim & Shannon Rowe as a second restaurant to Wing Central Ellensburg -- it's now one 5 restaurants offering a range of choices to the community! They are a casual, full-service restaurant serving up award-winning wings, steaks, burgers, and locally hand-crafted beers and wine.

Keep up with Wing Central's Roadhouse Grill on Facebook, then visit them in person!

Wing Central's Roadhouse Grill:
101 W Umptanum Rd.
Ellensburg, WA


More information at

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