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Irene Rinehart Park

Irene Rinehart Park, part of the Ellensburg development project, is about 115.0 acres of lush green regional park along the edges of the Yakima River. An easy trip from Seattle, Ellensburg itself is not a very populated city, and if you drive through it, you might get that quintessential countryside feeling. And the park carries that feeling forward. It complements the quaintness of the city of Ellensburg while providing its own charm with the flowing river, creeks, ducks, and footpaths. The park offers an easy day hike with family and kid-friendly amenities.

From the parking lot, walk parallel to the park on the gravel path and reach its southern end to find the small wooden bridge over the beautiful Yakima River. After crossing the bridge, you will end up on a beaten trail running parallel to the river. It is a very quiet trail that might offer you wildflowers depending on the season. The park also offers a large play area, a volleyball court, a picnic shelter with barbecue grills, and beautiful spots for swimming and fishing. The park is close to Yakima Canyon, which offers opportunities to explore nearby desert hikes such as Umtanum Ridge Crest or Umtanum Canyon Creek. This well-maintained park receives relatively few visitors, and it is a quaint mix of natural and urban environments.


Future Developments:


Ellensburg proposes to continue the development of its 117 acre regional park, know as Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park. The project would provide additional recreational opportunities and special facility improvements. These include two regulation size sand volleyball courts; 1,320 square foot picnic shelter; a children's water playground; and six additional upright barbecues. The project will also provide the following special improvements: automobile bridge over the creek, accessible toilet facilities (not currently available), portable water system (to include well and drinking fountain), trees to provide shade and winter protection, and accessible trail extensions to the picnic shelter, playground and other recreational facilities.


BuDu Racing- Carey Lake Runs


When: Saturday - July 13, 2019

Start Time: 8am

Come run in the trails at Irene Rinehart Park and enjoy the beauty of Carey Lakes. Keep that blood flowing while you wait for your special someone to finish the tri, or just keep your blood flowing.

How to access:

Take the I-90 Ellensburg exit 109. Turn right onto Canyon Road. Turn left onto Umptanum Road. Travel eastbound on Umptanum Road for approximately 1 mile. The entrance road to the park is on the right side of Umptanum Road just before crossing over the Yakima River.

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