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Have you seen my Ellensburg?

It is a place just past where the highway speeds by. It is a downtown rich with historic architecture. It is a place where art can be seen not only in museums and galleries but reflected in our streets. It is a place where craftsmanship is shown in the things we make. It is the blue skies over mountain vistas that sur- round our lush and cultivated valley. It is the reflection of light through a rare and precious stone.

Have you heard my Ellensburg?

It is the sound of children learning, it is the lecture of a professor teaching future leaders, it is the roar for the Wildcats, it is Jazz drifting through the valley, it is the sound of creativity at work.

Have you tasted my Ellensburg?

It is the flavors of fine food from the surrounding land, the comfort of a burger beneath lit neon, the sweet cold taste of ice cream, or the refreshment of a craft beer or a sip of fine wine.

Have you felt my Ellensburg?

It is the wind in your hair that creates power for our region. It is the feeling of pride when you see a Cowboy carry the American flag in our Rodeo. It is the feeling of security to know you are in a place that is safe where we take pride in our work, do what has to be done, and our word is our bond.

Experience My Ellensburg

Let me share my Ellensburg with you. See the view I have, hear the sounds I hear, taste these flavors I taste, and feel the comfort, pride, and spirit I feel. My Ellensburg is just over the pass and too interesting to pass up, not far from home with a hometown feel. My Ellensburg can be yours to experience and yours to explore.


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